Smart touch LCD control panel

SKU: P000003


When you buy an OXYGEN heat recovery unit, you can control it from a modern control panel with color touchscreen. The panel will allow you to:

  • Accurately set ventilation intensity
  • Monitor the performance of each element of the system
  • Set your preferred air temperature
  • Create different ventilation programs for each day of the week
  • Set the operating power within 5% accuracy, 30-100% range
  • Use the weekly ventilation program with up to 4 different modes for each day
  • Control boost ventilation (boost)
  • Monitor indoor, outdoor and supply air temperatures
  • See the relative humidity in a room
  • Date and time display
  • Use the filter condition and replacement indicators
  • Manage your energy consumption with flexibility


Connection cable for the remote control is purchased separately!


This control panel is suitable for X-Air models by following product codes:

P000019, P000018, P000017, P000100, P000026, P000025, P000023, P000021, P000028, P000027, P000088, P000087, P000086, P000085, P000093, P000092, P000091, P000090, P000097, P000096, P000095, P000094, P000099, P000098.




OXYGEN LCD control panel manual