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No more headaches for property developers

Developing real estate? Don’t get lost in the confusing world of ventilation systems. OXYGEN breaks the established rules, offering simplicity, efficiency and progress. By consulting OXYGEN at the very beginning of your project, you will not only avoid mistakes, but also save money.

The right heat recovery unit will reduce the cost of building insulation and allow you to achieve a higher energy performance class. And a good quality ventilation unit will make a buyer’s decision much easier.

Installers are OXYGEN’s true ambassadors

It has never been easier for installers. Installing an OXYGEN heat recovery unit alone is easier and up to 2 times faster.  The electric heater, control automation and other necessary components are located inside, so you won’t have to spend time installing external accessories and you’ll need less space to install the heat recovery unit.

In cooperation with OXYGEN, increase your knowledge and gain practical experience at the X-Air Academy training sessions, where we share best practices, present the latest news from the ventilation world and advise on all ventilation issues.


Architektams Beautiful and easy-to-choose solutions for architects & designers

Follow the example of western markets and choose the most advanced OXYGEN heat recovery units for your projects.

We provide assistance, advice and expert project evaluations. We share supporting CAD, 3D-model and specification files. After all, simplicity and elegance are key.

For everyone who breathes

OXYGEN solutions are both convenient and easy to understand when choosing, buying or using ventilation equipment. With OXYGEN, it’s as easy as breathing.