Carbon+M5 anti-odors filter set C180, C180E, C200, C200E, C250

SKU: P000058


Carbon filter – against unwanted odours
G4/AC (EN 779:2012) / EPM2.5 60% (ISO 16890) 0.3-2.5 µm diameter particles, 60% efficiency

Activated carbon in the filter absorbs part of unpleasant odors


Filter M5 – for recuperator protection
M5 (EN 779:2012) / EPM10 50% (ISO 16890) 0.3-10 µm diameter particles, 50% efficiency

For filtering exhaust air from the room, protects the recuperator against damage


Recommended to be replaced at least every 6 months

Suitable for O1 X-Air C series ventilation units: C180, C180E, C200, C200E, C250


ATTENTION! If you utilize non-original filters, there’s a risk of harming the heat recovery ventilation unit and polluting the ventilation system with ducts.



Filters location

Replacing filters

Replacing air filters:

  • Shut down the Unit by control panel, make sure that fans have completely stopped
  • Open the lid of the filter, that you intend to change, marked by “OXYGEN” by firmly gripping
    it and pulling out
  • Use fabric handle to remove a filter
  • Insert a new filter, following ventilation flow direction indicated on filter frame – it should point
    towards center of the Unit
  • Firmly push the lid of the filter back to its place. Make sure it was tightly inserted into the Unit
  • Turn on the Unit
  • Reset filter lifetime meter, refer to sections 9.1.7 “Filter menu”, 9.2.3 “Settings menu” or 9.3.5
    “Resetting the filter lifetime meter” of Installation and operation manual, depending on type
    of controller being used.

OXYGEN C series manual